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Cohort #2 Registration

We are excited to begin assisting you on your journey through the Stacks ecosystem! We’ve created an intuitive onboarding process, that we hope can help you in learning more about Stacks and discover the many parts of the powerful ecosystem. As such, you’ve been selected to participate in the second AdvoxDAO cohort of Stacks Chapters.

As an Advocates member, you will have a community-curated introduction and walkthrough of our exciting Stacks ecosystem. We also have great ways to share your contributions with the broader community. Member contributions are evaluated weekly by peers to determine distributions of rewards from our AdvoxDAO stacking pool.

What to expect in AdvoxDAO Cohort?

  • Expect a community managed & curated space to return to long after after your local or online Stacks Chapters events have ended. Unlocked right inside the Official Satcks discord.
  • You’ll have an Advox Big Fren taking you deeper into our ecosystem with your interests in mind. Explore Stacks knowing your Big Fren is just a ping away.
  • Our #Did-a-thing channel introduces you to the contributions of the broader ecosystem & gets you started in your own rhythms of contributions that push our ecosystem forward. This channel is complete with An algorithm P2P evaluations and weekly distributions of STX from our Community Stacking pool.
  • Engage with grant writing support through our Clarity DAO tooling that is built right into the Stacks discord.
  • Interact with open source Harvard & Oxford born governance tools right inside the Stacks discord. We have a robust bottom up governance models for those seriously thinking about long term sustainability in web3.


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Official Stacks Discord

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