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What is the Stacks Advocates Program?

The Advocates program is made up of long time community members, passionate contributors to Stacks and newcomers to the ecosystem. Contributors of various backgrounds can make their efforts visible in our Advocates channels right inside the official Stacks discord server. Every week we distribute the rewards from a community stacking pool based on the collective evaluation of contributions via SourceCred. We also have DAO governance design tools, OSS from Harvard & Oxford led Metagov research for decision making right inside our discord server.

What is the mission?

The mission is to give access to Stacks contributors’ knowledge and to build a healthy environment for community growth where stacks community members at any place in their journey in the web3 space can join and get instant access to connections, knowledge, and support to find where they fit in the ecosystem, people in the advocates community are free to explore where they wanna contribute to the stacks ecosystem and then grow from there into fully capable community contributors applying for community grants and more!

The focus of the Advocates is long term sustainability of innovation and growth in the Stacks ecosystem. Bottom up power distribution is at the heart of our approach to ensuring an accessible space for community growth while maintaining the integrity of a user empowering web3 ecosystem. We aim to provide a unique commons distribution model for decentralized incentive design, bringing longterm horizontal up-skilling networks & innovation to the foreground.

Who is it for?

The Advocates program is made up of long time community members, passionate contributors to Stacks and newcomers to the ecosystem looking to find what they’re most passionate about in the ecosystem.

The Research Behind The Art

You may notice the beautiful art of this site, It can be found on the DaDA Art Platform. They are pioneers of fine art NFTs in 2017, but also pioneers of bringing commons based system design to web3. Harvard’s Primavera De Filippi often joins their Invisible Economy working group, an amazing group of innovators, intrinsic incentive design is an important part of the heart of advoӾDAO.

advoӾDAO Research

Turtle, Wolf, & Bear Relationship, Governance, & Sustainability

  • Important to our governance & bottom up organization efforts is our direct dialogue with a historical indigenous council, The Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) of The Five Nations Longhouse Confederacy. Early settler colonists were exposed to their matrilineal protocols of organization, which catalyzed modern concepts and language of Democratic values, Federalism, three branches of government & much more.

  • More on how this relates to Open SOurce commons commons based system design of stacks advocates can be found here in the work of the Generative Justice Research group out of Rennslaer Polytechnic Institute and more recently University of Michigan.

  • We have rare access to these protocols in pre-colonial form. We realize there was an entire culture of checks & balances omitted from our modern systems of social organization & representation, precisely due to lack of peaceful dialogue with Native nations.

  • Turtle, Wolf & Bear are our first steps on a path to a decolonized dialogue that can enable authentic alternatives to conventional governance, which is often easier said than actually achieved. TWB is the three tiered clan system of the Kanienkehaka, which for millennia carved empowered paths of bottom up representation for entire Native nations. Speaking to deep cosmological functions of organization, the protocols are designed to maximize modularity for any collective of autonomous organizations.

  • Even though not all of us are interested in governance, accessible structures designed for empowered voices & representation are fundamental to fair power distribution. With TWB tapping into deep functions of the STX ecosystem, we can leverage autonomous organization well beyond just governance benefits & into blockchain innovation sustainability. Bottom up power here includes built-in structures for innovation decoupled from top down, value alienating control.

  • As STX advocates, we recognize this as a historical chance to achieve distributed power in blockchain based systems. An important means for long term sustainability in blockchain systems. Hope you are as excited as we are to learn and build together in this indigenous dialogue for sustainable protocols of organization.

🤝 Join

  1. Join the stacks discord server
  2. In ✨ add-role select the 🔍 emoji to get access to the Advocates DAO category
  3. Have a friend advocate vouch for you, or post an intro about yourself directly in the #join-requests channel
  4. An Advocates welcomer will interview you and help you find your place in the program
    • Go to the #start-here channel under the Advox DAO category to get started and know more about the program
    • The resources channel will help you find more information about the advocates program
    • The didathing channel will show you tons of diverse contributions as examples of the things you can contribute to the ecosystem
    • The props channel is where other advocates express gratitude for another community member for something they did, garnering an environment of mutual appreciation.
    • Active Issues is where you’ll find different community governance proposals to learn why the advocates program is the way it is now.