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AdvoxDAO Big Frens 🤍

Thank you kindly for your time with AdvoxDAO. You may have experienced our onboarding system as a new member. We want to ensure every new member has a warm welcoming experience into the community no matter how much we grow. We are asking AdvoxDAO members to return the warm favor. Register below to enter our round robin onboarding system.

  • Overview: Big & Lil Frens is a round robin system, to welcome new members more personally into the Stacks AdvoxDAO community. Once a given support throughthe community as Lil Fren, members then return the support as Big Frens to new comers.

  • Lil Fren Period: 2 weeks from joining
  • Est. time involved: Hours (Week 1: 2 hours + Week 2: 1 hour + your own creativity)


  • Make new member feel even more welcomed with a personal touch - Help new joiner to weave more seamlessly into the Stacks Advocates so the whole thing is less intimidating thereby increase the accessibility & participation rate


  • Be there for the new member for any question (DM or public) about AdvoxDAO
  • Encourage new members to come to the AdvoxDAO community calls and even create their own.
  • Summarize what AvoxDAO is about & how to get involved in this space
  • Wk 1, Day 01: Arrange a 30 minutes call to introduce Advocates program at the beginning of the week (timing up to your availabilities)

Big Fren Guide:


  • Brief intro about each other & AdvoxDAO program
  • Brief overview of how to use #didathing and #props & how our clan design of Turtle, Wolf, & Bear works through out the DAO.
  • Show our community calls on different topics, encourage new member to hop on AdvoxDAO calls, create their own, they can subscribe to Events via #Anouncements for notification reminders.
  • Remind them to complete tasks from the #join-request (i.e. BNS, Didathing and Start-here) & use the Explore to guide through community curated servers, content etc. Also remind them to follow important Stacks Social Media that comes to mind.

Stacks Devs:

A Stacks 2.1 Upgrade Focus:

  • Inform your Lil Fren about the chance to participate in our novel voting for the 2.1 Upgrade no matter how new they may be to the ecosystem.
  • Please encourage your lil Fren to join the AdvoxDAO push for 2.1 voting participation on social media, retweeting @Herogamerin this effort & join AdvoxDAO spaces focused on 2.1 engagement.

Repeat for Week 2

  • Use your own creativity mid-week, briefly check-in with DMs or publicly to see if new member needs more guidance.
  • Graduate your Lil Fren to a Big Fren by giving this sign up & guide.


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