Welcome to Stacks AdvoӾDAO

  • The mission of the Stacks Advocates Program (advoӾ) is to distribute power
  • Ensuring voice for generators of value
  • AdvoӾ offers a welcoming space for anyone to get involved in the Stacks community
  • Supported by Stacks’ unique stacking mechanism
  • Members of AdvoӾ share in the value that we collectively create
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An advoӾDAO interview, we will help find your place in Stacks 💯

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  • Our #did-a-thing channel will show you tons of diverse contributions.
  • Our official community space for p2p evaluations of your efforts can in the ecosystem.
  • Get weekly AdvoӾDAO STX pool reward distributions

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Our #review-proposal channel, for community governance proposals.


🤝 Join

  1. Join the official Stacks Discord server
  2. In #start-here select the 🔍 emoji to get access to the AdvoӾDAO category
  3. Have a friend advocate vouch for you, or post an intro about yourself directly in the #join-requests channel
  4. An Advocates welcomer will interview you and help you find your place in the program
    • The #didathing channel will show you tons of diverse contributions as examples of the things you can contribute to the ecosystem
    • The #props channel is where other advocates express gratitude for another community member for something they did, garnering an environment of mutual appreciation.
    • #review-proposal is where you’ll find different community governance proposals to learn why the advocates program is the way it is now.
    • This resources page will help you find more information about the advocates program